I live in Victoria BC, signed up in May 2014 and only 2 people that they matched me up with could have been considered a potential. One was local, the other from 90 minute drive (he had children living at home who needed daily care, that was not in my profile). My third and fourth matches were from the mainland. One appeared to have no interest in coming to the island, the other kept referring me to his Facebook account to check him out. I reported this to Lifemates and they said they were working on another match for me as we speak. That was in March 2015. I have not heard from them since. On their website, it says that you'll get feedback after each introduction. That never happened. Lifemates closed their office in Victoria this summer and when I inquired about how I can be matched up if the office is closed, they said it was not a problem, potentials can come to Vancouver to sign up.

Taking into consideration the cost of travel & people's time, I'm not sure how many would be willing to "invest" that much when other local options are at their disposal. Needless to say, I have no idea how many new people have actually gone to the mainland to sign up and how full the bank of potentials is now on the island but one thing is clear, I have not heard from anyone in over 8 months and probably won't no matter how many times I call or write to them. Ignoring clients seems to be their forte AFTER they take your money. A former employee told me that the difficulties experienced by Lifemates is blamed on the CBC News report that came out in March 2015. Regardless what the problem is with recruiting & matching, it appears that some members are not being looked after very well. I don't deny there must be some success stories, I'm certainly not one of them. I travel a lot so opening the door to potentials on the mainland, I was told, would be a benefit to me, I have not seen a positive impact.

It's also been suggested to me that perhaps I ought to look at other options, other site, not to put all my eggs in the same basket. Perhaps I can buy a wig because men like women with long hair, that unfortunately the nature of my job can be a deterrent for some men because I'm not home every night etc. "There are plenty of men you can be matched up with from the island", I was told, then I hand over my money, only to find out that some of my physical attributes are stacked against me i. E. Having short hair, being a little overweight, the nature of my job etc. My recommendation: DO NOT waste your money. Also note that all reviews that have few stars are blocked out. That says something about the company!

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