I would like to write this review just as it might help other people to make the right decision. I have nothing against Lifemates. I know like any other business organization they want to make money and this is their right. However it is important to provide the facts to people as well. I started with Lifemate hoping they will provide me with an appropriate match. During first call, they said they do not take anyone and specifically were questioning about my job before telling me if I am allowed to subscribe. I think that was to have an idea about my approximate income. You feel privileged when they tell you can participate.

Then I was given an appointment to present myself in person. The person that I saw was dressed untidily and smelled heavy smoking which was quite bothersome, although welcomed me with a smile. Then I was left with two series of long questions asking many personal questions which made me think they are serious about what they say. Afterwards, the agent asked some question about my exact income, assets, amount of money in the bank, credit cards, etc.

Later I asked about the fees. The agent provided me with a list of prices going from 3K to 8K (tax to be added) for different services. There was also a $300 cost for photo which is ridiculous because neither you nor your match will see these pictures and they say they need these pictures to put them next to a potential match and see if you look good together!!! FYI, they do take a picture with a camera at the end of the session (like what you do with your cellphone). When I asked if I can pass the $300 photo fees the agent said, "No way. This is mandatory."

After discussion I was not sure about their service and didn't want to subscribe. However the agent pushed me to do so.indeed, I was not sure if they have enough matches based on the qualities I asked. I was very clear and specific about the type of match I was looking for. When I asked if they have matches as I specified, the Lifemates agent told me they have at least a thousand matches for me at this time. I couldn't figure out how she knows even before processing my answers to the logs list question. Eventually, I paid about 4K for a limited number of matches.

On my way out I got to know another person who also subscribed with Lifemates and realized that person paid 2.5K for UNLIMITED number of matches!!! I realized that I was not a good negotiator and the fees are basically not based on the service you ask for and rather on how you negotiate. Basically if you say, "No I am not interested, " they suggest you a lower price for a better service.

The contract is in small letters and hard to read and you do not get enough time to read it. When you look at it carefully you realize that it is a unilateral contract which protects Lifemates and recognized very few rights for the subscriber. It takes the responsibility off Lifemates and mentions you will not be reimbursed if they start processing your file (about 4 weeks after your subscription). The day after I called and asked if I can cancel my service, I was told if I cancel I will lose half of my fees (2K) even if it is less than 24 hours which is very unfair. I was between losing 2K for no service and 4K and continuing my subscription. Between bad and worse, I chose the bad situation.

Anyway 3-4 weeks later I got a call and they said they have a match for me. I asked about the features that I specified during my interview before accepting the match. The agent mentioned the exact features that I was looking for. I was happy and hopeful. Then I called the person. When I asked some questions about the features that I was looking for, to my surprise it was the complete contrary to what I was told by Lifemates! Later when I told Lifemates why they gave me the wrong information, they had no response. The agent just said it was not her who talked to me.

About 8 weeks later, I was introduced to another person which was again a disappointment as that person was not provided the basic info about me. Since that time, I have not heard from Lifemates and I have called multiple times. When I call nobody answers having the excuse that the agent is busy. Above all, you are not given the option of waiting and talking to someone versus leaving a message. Your only choice is leave a message and they will come back to you soon. I have left many messages and nobody has returned my call yet.

In all, very disappointed from the Lifemates service. If you want my honest opinion stay away from Lifemates. It is extremely expensive and you do not receive the service that you have paid for. The waiting time is very long. There is also no possibility to cancel later and at least be partly reimbursed if not satisfied with them. There is a good possibility that my response will be censored. However, I feel it is my responsibility to inform others of my experience which could help them.

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