Back on 10/14/15 it was after great length to resolve 2 simple issues of connectivity as usual but made to be extended issues by your tech team, ultimately “tier 2” team for which, as always, blame the equipment and ultimately insisted I be mailed a new camera to resolve the issue. If you look at the account I had with your company you can see I’ve placed no less than 20 phone calls asking for support in the 2 years of service for failed equipment – LACK OF SECURITY.

And there was a growing number of phone calls in the more recent months that were due to my having to call back the next day, due to failure in securing assistance for lost connections in my monitoring system the previous day despite ultimately being transferred to another tech for which each was resistant after an hour of “troubleshooting” to, in hopes that there would be a tech that could help establish what the issue is (outside of equipment troubles).

And I would, after many lost cellular hours, find a tech that fixes the issue without sending new equipment out. I’ve learned after many seasons attempting to reestablish a connectivity issue with my camera through your slowly diminishing in talent tech support and many growing hours upon hours of cellular usage time that I am not to believe their instinct to blame equipment, so it was my education for which your company attempts to maintain integrity in “support” by blaming equipment that denying further replacement equipment be sent to my address and my urging the support people to stay on the phone line with me (generally over 90 minutes every single call – for which I promise you there were more than 20 in the last 2 years of service), that we would finally resolve the problem.

On this particular day mentioned above I intentionally played the fool for your tech department to hang themselves and once the equipment arrived and we spent another 3 periods of an hour and 10 minutes each phone call – which I can send cellular records to prove – before they admit they are unable to connect me and there is nothing further they can do to assist connecting my equipment I ask for release from my contract. I am passed along to a service manager, Leslie, who apologizes, admits it shouldn’t have to take this many attempts to reconnect and these many phone calls and states she will refund me last months service fee of $49.99. I ask her for documentation of all my phone calls to your company for service help over the last 2 years since each call is documented as to customer concern and attempted assist and outcome and she refuses.

She then states she will send 2 separate emails to me. The first stating service will be terminated according to my request and following this will be a UPS label to cover the cost of my returning equipment. I’ve been checking for that UPS label to arrive for the first 4 days after receiving her disconnection intent but it never arrived. Now I see at this late date that it actually arrived the day of, prior to her disconnection notice rather than after, and with enough junk mail in between the 2 that there was nothing cuing me to look backward of the intended first email from her that was to proceed the UPS label.

My request is this now – Please inform me of just what in your opinion would be your company's view of reimbursable returned equipment because I intent on returning EVERYTHING for a refund (and if you look at my original receipt from Sept 16th ’13 I paid $257.59 for equipment and shipping and then your companies urging to fix a false issue of a faulty camera and new motion sensor, charged $80 on Oct 14th. Shipping and handling not included), PLEASE explain what has become of the missing reimbursement to my checking account for last months service for which she said she’d reimburse, also please tell me to whom does your company answer to regarding the keeping of records and deny a customer access? And, as well, please send out another UPS label with enough coverage to manage your original “$170.63 mailing fee” I was charged back on Sept, 16th, ’13.

The equipment I returning amounts to approximately 3 lbs. Lastly I would like access to the email address of a general manager, supervisor or, preferable CEO since thats where I’m heading to whom your service managers answer to. Its imperative we keep our communication fluid at this point because I will not rest until your company takes full responsibility for time and money lost with your product and entrusting what you term technicians. This is the "first tier" of damage resolution I seek from a rigorously neglectful company.

I could not recommend this company for credible service. My service, though as simply a set up as it was, with good bandwidth speed from a service provider, did not remain marginally consistent for the first couple months even but nor was their support techs able to define an issue in under an hour and ultimately within a days phone call.

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