I ordered a table 3 weeks ago that showed as "in stock". After 2 weeks and not hearing from anyone, I went online to check my order status which read "pending". I called the 800 number several times, left messages and never received a call back even though the recording says they will call you back within 24 hours. So I started emailing them. Finally, Laura called me and told me that the computer shows the item is back ordered and not available for 4 more weeks. I told her that I would like to cancel my order, and she said she would have to call the supplier and would call me back before the end of the day. That never happened!

So 5 more days of calling and emailing. She finally called me tonight. She still cannot tell me when the order is shipping, but says I can't cancel the order because the supplier doesn't take calls only emails! I told her that my order is cancelled, I will not accept delivery of the table, and I am disputing the charge through my credit card bank! Not worth the hassle!

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