On lingo website, they clearly stated that they cover international calls to landline/mobile for thailand so I that's what I have Lingo World 2M. First time they cheated me and refund me was the month of July 2015. On July 28, I called and they refunded. I set my account as auto payment and didn't check my account until last week November 10,2015. I was cheated again! When the rep from lingo call to inform me that the account wasn't pay because my autopay method was decline, I asked him what was the amount and he says 93.03.

I asked him why I was charged that much and he says because they did not cover thailand mobile on all international plans. I was on a road trip so I couldn't check the website so I go ahead and give him the new payment information. When I got home and check to make sure if it's true like he says because before I join Lingo, I did my research. It was the purposes of it. Search shows its covered on all international plans – Thailand mobile/landline.

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