I received the EA3500 router as a gift about a year ago and have had issues since day 1 but could not return or exchange as it was a gift and had no receipt. My girlfriend and I contacted Linksys for assistance in fixing the issues but since we had no receipt they refused to assist us until I found one representative using their online chat to "help" us out. She put a zip file on our computer and said if this issue continues to upload this firmware update to our router and it should fix the issue… The issue continued so we uploaded the file as we were told and the router crashed instantly, no info in router – completely wiped clean… Call back to customer service give them the order number they issued for the problem. They have no idea who rep was (we gave name) and "apologized" for the issue telling us that it would cost $39.99 for them to fix the issue that they caused… Router is at max 9 months old… Do not buy from linksys/cisco!!!

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