I just called little ceasers on N. Saginaw st. And Cold water rd.in Flint MI. 48505. And got a young lady that was real rude answered the phone laughing and when I was ordering she's still talking to someone in the background and constantly laughing upon taking my order. So I asked to speak to a manager and she tells me she on break. So I goes up there to talk to the manager and she starts off with a rude tone and tells me she can control how they in there talking to people. So I says but yo their boss and ask for the corporate number and she refused once I said she's rude also. I got everything on video and circulating on social media sites. It's not a good look on your company how the manager is seen With All The Disrespect To A Paying Customer. Just Wanted To Get It To Someone. And If This Doesn't Work I Will Try Another and Bigger Little Ceasar Contact. Thank u Have A Nice Day.

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