I just purchased deep dish pepp from your store located at 1532 W. University Ave. St. Paul. My receipt shows 11:23 A.M. As the time of purchase. Todays date is Nov. 5 2015. The young lady working the register was EXTREMELY rude. I felt like a burden instead of a customer. When she told me there would be a wait on my order I politely asked about how long. Her response was to sigh, roll her eyes a say, "8-10 min." as if I should've already known. I didn't receive eye contact or a smile and as I waited she applied the same demeanor to all the other clients. My family and I love your pizza but if this is the type of customer service I can expect I will sadly refrain from shopping at Little Ceasars in the future. As of now I will never return to that location again. The one bright spot was Geoff D. He was kind, prompt, and courteous! He should be praised. I would've requested a manager on the spot but was afraid the quality of my food would be compromised. The young lady in question had dark dreadlocks with blonde tips.

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