To the Little Caesars in Tecumseh MI I have never been so disappointed. You are charging customers almost $7 for the $5 Hot n Ready cheese or pepperoni pizza and to top it off I came in last Friday Nov 6th to pick up 1 cheese and 1 pepperoni Hot n Ready pizza and was told "oh we don't sell plain cheese Hot n Ready pizza's". I said "what do you mean? When did that happen?" You said "we never have offered a plain cheese Hot n Ready". I have been getting Hot n Ready plain cheese pizza's from your location for the past 2 years!!! I have had it! I will never go to this location fact I should open my own Little Caesars in Tecumseh selling true Hot n Ready pizza's at the true price. The best Little Caesars I have ever had and still is the best in every way is the Little Caesars in Canton, MI on Michigan Ave. Best pizza's and best service.

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