I went to the Little Caesars on Augusta St. We had ordered a 5 dollar hot and ready, a 2 liter, bread sticks, and a cup of sauce. It ended up being 12.95 which was fine. An old lady walks by. She asks, "Would you like to add the Deep! Deep! Dish for 1 dollar more?" Good deal, right? So yeah I took it! Made it like 14.07. Went home, ate everything. Woke up the next day. Two transactions had been taken out of my bank account! One for 12.95 and one for 14.07! Seriously, like WTF! So I called them! You know what they say?"Well we can put you down for a free pizza." A FREE PIZZA!?! For almost 13 dollars? Hell no! They are never getting my businesses again!!! And that that charged me twice has it coming!!!

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