I was solicited by LivingSocial, the purchase of presale tickets for Cirque du Soleil's TORUK at $32 a seat. When I clicked on the purchase tab, I was immediately redirected to what was supposed to be Cirquedusoleil.com site, which then re-directed me to "Ticketmaster". There were no seats for the event for $32. After selecting the price selector on the site. I ended up having to pick the $55 seats, $23.00 more per ticket. After they add on the service charge, convenience charge, and the management surcharge, I paid $75.00 a ticket X 5 tickets was $375. What a scam. If you're going to advertise tickets at the unrealistic, unobtainable price of $32.00, make sure you include in your "fine" print, all the ridiculous surcharges which comes close to doubling the real cost of the event tickets. Never again.

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