Unbelievable! LL Beans guarantee policy is a joke. Approximately five years ago, my now ex bought me a long winter coat. It was a beautiful color, fit perfectly and was very warm. The only problem I had from the get go was the zipper. I called customer service to see if they had the same coat for a replacement and if they didn't have the same size or color, we'd go with a different color. Well they didn't have either, so I kept the coat. As time went on, I disliked the coat more and more. When it was time to wash the coat and mind you, I followed the instructions to the "T" and I ended up with a flat coat that was no longer warm. Called LL Bean and still no coat that would fit my needs. Here it is five years later and I find the coat on LL Bean's website. I call and explain the situation and guess what? Remember the guarantee, that they will replace it. Well they won't unless I pay the difference from the price then to what it is now. THEY DON'T TELL YOU THAT ANYWHERE ON THEIR SITE! So in order, to get a replacement I HAVE to pay more. That's crazy. I won't even get into the problem I have with their winter boots. If their NOT going to honor their "GUARANTEE" they should remove it from their site and remove it from their stores. Oh and one more thing, the employee's at the LL Bean location in Nashua NH really do need to brush up on their customer service skills, their lacking big time.

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