On 14/01/2016 I browsed the web in search of an online loan company. I (regrettably) stumbled upon "Loan Choice Sa". I completed the necessary form to see if I actually qualify for the amount that I needed (and stated). That was the last of it and I reverted to other options (successfully I might add). On the evening of 02/05/2016 I received a mail from Loan Choice Sa with the heading "Termination of Mandate and Agreement". The mail stated that I am in arrears and that I'm in breach in the agreement that I've entered into. It also stated that my "digitally signed" service mandate is available to download. I was more than amazed to see this as I know I surely did not sign anything digitally. After taking the time to log onto their website, I was even more amazed to see that the "digitally signed" agreement that was being referred to was in fact not a digital signature but in fact a "tic block" that was ticked as part of the online application process. Up to date I've had no service delivered to me by Loan Choice Sa nor did I request any service apart from wanting to know if they could assist me with a personal loan. On the morning of 03/05/2016 I phoned their call center (086 999 0550) to enquire about this funds that I am now required to pay (R1276.00) to avoid legal action. The consultant that assisted me started out friendly but as soon as I mentioned my disgust with what they were busy doing, her attitude changed and at one point I needed to silence her as she was just going on and on about agreements and mandates and, and, and….I got no joy and after greeting her, I hung up. Later that day I received another mail stating that I've applied for their "CONVENIENT SERVICE PACKAGES" with a MANDATORY purchase to their loan finding facility. This package is a fixed term agreement of 12 months with a subscription fee of R399.00 and a monthly fee of R99.00 for 11 months thereafter. I have apparently agreed to this (WHY WOULD ANYONE AGREE TO THIS???? ). Bottom line now is that if I don't pay the R1276.00 immediately, I will be given over to their legal department. Let me make this clear to ANYONE who's thinking of utilizing this "company" to apply for a loan….DON'T!!!!! They are misleading and NOT transparent with their dealings. They are exactly what is wrong with this country!

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