I also did an online application in September 2015 on loanchoicesa website to only SEE if I qualify for a loan. After entering my details and accepting terms and conditions in order to move to the next page – I decided that I am not proceeding as it was a whole lot of info to type. I switched off my computer, I exited the loan choice website. ONE MONTH later I received an email from loan choice with a so called "service pack" with undefended divorce information to download. Obviously I ignored the mail as I don't need the info or service pack. I did not even download anything. In February 2016 I received another email from them with a statement of an outstanding balance of my monthly premiums for the service pack that I apparently took out with them when accepting the terms and conditions on the online app. I refused to pay anything as I was not aware of this rogue procedure and taking out a service pack with info I don't even need by simply clicking a button to move to a next page. Today on 5 May 2016 I received a final demand and court summons for the outstanding balance of R1592.50 for this so called service pack. I REFUSE TO PAY ANYTHING AND WILL DISPUTE THIS MATTER. I see hundreds of complaints on the internet with regards to this SAME thing. The only difference is they could not actually debit the money from my account as that bank account was closed and they don't have my new bank details – where other victims actually lost that money. LOAN CHOICE SA IS DEFINITELY THE BIGGEST SHARKS EVER. This will be taken further.

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