Where do I start? Lobel financial is a joke of a company. I work in the financial industry and when I see customer service is the worst I mean WORST I have ever dealt with. Their employees are very rude, dont know how to be professional, dont know how to answer questions, and last but not least interact with customers. I can not blame the representatives because the supervisors are also rude and do not assist. I had some financial difficulty and asked to make for a deferment. I was advised to fax in the paperwork. I did as I was told, called back to say it was not received.

After being left on a LONG hold the phone disconnected. I was not called back. The next day someone called to ask me to make a payment I advised. I asked for a deferment and he stated he seen it in the notes, apologized and hung up. Two weeks later I get another call and was told my deferment was not received and there was a $150 fee to defer a payment. This company is shady and very unprofessional. I would not recommend this company whatsoever. HORRIBLE SERVICE and does not handle business in a professional way!!

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