We Hired a car from this company in September 2016, on inspection the car had existing damage to a wing mirror that was not already identified, The salesman advised that he could not amend the contract at that time as it was on an ipad and not a paper copy, but would do so when he got to the office.
I was originally concerned about this, but he once again assured me it would be done…

On our return, a different sales man accused me of this damage, would not listen to what i had to say and then walked off.

Di-spite filling out a dispute form in their office within the airport, my credit card still was debited an extra 234 Euros for the existing damage.

I wrote to customer services and they sent a boiler plate response about how the damage was not existing etc etc…., now it seems i can not respond to them via there customer support line, as soon as i enter the rental number, no correspondence options are available.

Please save your money and lower your stress levels, do not use these guys EVER!!!

I wish we had checked the reviews online for LOCAUTO before booking, this is a very common complaint for this company.

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