Product: G-930 Wireless headset

I have gone back and forth with Logitech over the course of 22 'support' ticket messages and 3 phone calls. There has been instances of over a week between replies (several messages from me prompting them) as well as canned responses. Every time I am on the phone with a representative it is obvious they are following a script. They finally offered to replace it with a G-35 (Oct 24th), to which I accepted. After two long phone calls the result was that they would send me a tracking number. After another week, during the third phone call they said that it had to be approved still! How on earth can you offer me the replacement on Oct 24th and say that it needs to be approved still on Nov 20th.

Not even going into the communication issue (mild language barrier and constantly being put on hold) the process was/is very frustrating. At this point I am still waiting for a tracking number for the shipping label they are supposedly sending me. I will make a point to no longer purchase Logitech products.

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