Sent 11-14-15 12:30 P.M. PST

The LA Times customer service center, unfortunately, is located in the Phillipines. This explains why I have been trying, FOR TWO MONTHS, to resolve delivery problems with the LA Times. Both my son and I have contacted the LA Times, repeatedly, since 9-22-15, but nothing has been resolved.

I also tried contacting membership services and consumer services via email. My son and I are trying to get the name of the supervisor for LA Times Operations and/or Marketing.

I was awakened, two days in a row, by an obnoxious telemarketer for the LA addition, the telemarketer is leaving "screeching, " "whistling, " & harassing messages on our answering machine. The name of this telemarketing company, at phone number 323-617-4131, is "Your Marketing Resource." I told them, politely, two days ago that I do not wish to subscribe to the print edition of the paper. I also told them I was on the Do Not Call Registry.

If anyone has any suggestions, please advise.

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