For those of you looking to have Lowes install windows in your home please think twice about that! We had the West Jordan, Utah Lowes come and install windows in our home, 12 windows and a sliding glass door. Joey was the man who came and gave us the quote. On August 10th he came back and we scheduled the installation. When we ordered them in July we ordered 12 windows and the sliding glass door but when Joey came back to collect our money he only had 11 windows and a sliding glass door yet the price was still the same. We were very upset that he had misquoted us and then claimed that we chose not to have our garage window replaced. This was a lie because we never agreed to that. He told us he could add it if we wanted but it was going to cost us more. We told him we couldn't do that because we had only a certain amount saved which was what he initially quoted us.

We were very upset and Joey knew it. He later text my husband and said they would go ahead and install the window for free. My husband told him we didn't expect it but would appreciate it. Joey took it as we didn't want it. The windows were suppose to be installed 6 weeks later but were not installed for 8 weeks. When they came and installed the windows there were numerous problems! The garage window wasn't installed nor had it been ordered, there was no screen in one of the windows, the wrong window was installed in our kitchen which was a special order and cost us more, and the sliding glass screen door was broken! I spoke to the installer and he told me I needed to contact Joey, to which I did. But Joey was extremely rude and did nothing about it; he basically washed his hands clean of any problems. The windows were installed over a month ago and nothing has been resolved as of yet.

Whenever I call the store or customer care I just get the run around. No one will take responsibility for the problems nor will they try to fix them. I paid $7000 for their Milgard windows, supposedly their best windows. I am extremely disappointed in the service they rendered. I will never have Lowes install anything in my home again. My opinion is the least they can do is take care of their customers and compensate them when they screw up.

Their compensation to us they claim will be, the windows we initially ordered and a free garage window. Seriously that's compensation? That's what we ordered to begin with! How is that compensation? We have spent thousands and thousands of dollars at Lowes over the past 6 months remodeling our entire home and we’re not so sure Lowes will be getting any more of our money. If this is not taken care of I will take further action! So think twice about having Lowes install any windows in your home. Their services are the worst!!!

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