I bought a $1,500 stainless steel whirlpool gas convection range at Lowes at the end of July. Less than a month later the oven quit working and would only display the message "Fan speed too low, contact service". That was over 2 months ago. Both Lowes and Whirlpool have been spectacularly incompetent since. Each has blamed the other for the problem. It took a month for them to get a repairman out to our house and then he said he couldn't fix it and walked out, explaining that he would call us in a couple days. That was 3 weeks ago… Never did hear back from him. I've been to my local Lowes where the Appliances manager tried to get in touch with the repair man with no success. After weeks like this, the appliances manager told me that if I hadn't gotten help by today, they would just issue a gift card for my purchase price and I could buy a new one of my choice.

You guessed it. When I called the number he gave me to get the gift card, they refused. While they acknowledged on a recorded line that I'd been promised the gift card, they claimed that I should not have been promised that and they would not help me other than to say that Whirlpool would have to fix it. I'm not holding my breath.

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