My husband and I bought a new fridge (Samsung 29 CU ft 4 door fridge RF31FMESBSR/AA) on August 31st. It was originally $2,278.80 and was on sale for the holiday for $1600. Great deal, we thought! We bought the extended 5 year warranty and it was delivered the next morning by Lowes. We were so excited about our fridge, we went back and bought a matching Samsung microwave and oven the next week.

Fast forward 10 days. I go down in to our basement to change a load of laundry (we have a finished basement with carpet) and I see 2 water stains on the ceiling? Further inspection shows my dry wall on my ceiling collapsing in another spot and water streaming from the hole and our carpet soaked! The dripping hole is directly underneath where our fridge sits. We pull the fridge out and water is pouring out the vents in the back of the fridge. Who knows how long it was leaking… We turn the water function off and call Lowes. They send me over to appliances who take the information and tell me the store manager will be in contact. Well my husband kind of took it from there and spoke to corporate who gave us a claim number, said they would contact us to have a adjuster come out, order a new fridge… All seemed well?

Adjuster came out on Sept 20th so that wasnt too bad? We follow up a few times with the gentleman who is handling our account after the adjuster was out and hear nothing. Not about our replacement fridge, not about the claim… Finally I reach him on October 4th and he tells me they passed the claim to Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance and he will follow up and see why they havent contacted me and the Lowe's store we bought our fridge from was supposed to contact us to set up the delivery of our new fridge. Never heard from them either… He said he would call and look in to that. Good thing the fridge still works except for water, huh?

Another two weeks go by (Oct 19th) and I still haven't heard from Samsung or the store? I call him back and he said he would check in to it and then I finally hear from Samsung. She had supposedly had this information for a month according to Lowes, and nothing from her? Oh, and in the mean time… We had to go in to Lowes and track down the appliance manager who knew nothing about a replacement fridge for us. He was very helpful (probably the only one so far) and we heard from him a few days later saying it would be delivered on October 23rd.

When I finally got Samsung on the phone after a month on the 19th, she said that once our fridge was picked up we would have to have it inspected. Ok, seems reasonable I guess? We are talking about a good deal of damage at our house between the floors and the ceiling. Then she tells me that we have to have pictures taken and sent. I was getting irritated because first off we have already had Lowes out and our own contractor for estimates. Didnt Lowes send her the pictures? She wanted to know the address the fridge would be taken. How should I know that? She was rude, wouldnt give me her supervisors name or number. Told me what could they do, that she couldnt? I called Lowes back and left a message for the guy asking if he could help me get a new contact… No response. I send her my contractors estimate and then she says they need another independent contractor to come out.

Another day off work to meet him and he comes out October 28th. I give Samsung a week and follow up. No response. Two days later I leave a message for Lowes. No response. We call the independent contractor. He tells me he sent the information October 28th so what is the holdup? Finally today I get a message from Samsung saying that they are setting up the technician to come out and inspect the fridge and I will have an update in another week. This has been going on for months and the fridge hasnt even been inspected yet!!! The fridge was picked up three weeks ago???

I'm furious. The worst communication ever. If I had known it would be this much trouble and constant hounding to just get an update, I would have gone through my homeowners insurance. Not to mention our microwave in not working properly either that we just bought and I dont even have the energy to try to get a new one? Do not buy Samsung or from Lowes. This whole experience has been terrible… And Lowes has been no help at all. The person handling our claim will not even return my calls or emails.

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