We ordered a lot of stuff (windows, doors, lumbers, concrete, etc.) from Lowes, and scheduled to deliver on Satuday 11/7/15, but on 11/7/15 morning, the deliver guy called to reschedule to Tuesday 11/10/15, however, on Tuesday, our stuff did not got delivered and nobody called us, on Tuesday night, we called Customer service and talked to the store manager, the manager informed us he will check on it and deliver our stuff on Wednesday 11/11/15, On Wednesday morning we went to the store, customer service asked us talk to Pro service, Teresa said the store manager Glenn was busy and he will contact us. Actually nobody contacted us again. We called the store today 11/12/15, the customer service rep told us stuff should be delivered today (Thursday), and the driver will call us the deliver time. It is past 6:35pm now, nobody called us, and our stuff did not get delivered again!
We had the worst customer service experience over the last 20 years. We paid stuff and delivery fee. If Lowes can not do it, they should not make a promise. We recommend home owners and contractors not order stuff from lowes, and demand appologies and compensations from the store.

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