We purchased $2300 of appliances from Lowes over one month ago from the store in Panama City Beach, FL. We called numerous times up to the scheduled delivery date of 11/14 to confirm delivery and were told yes, they will be delivering on 11/14 after 11 AM. We called the morning of 11/14 and then told they would deliver between 2-5 PM. At 4 PM we became concerned and called to the store and asked for the Manager. We got the Asst Manager Brandon, who then told us that there was "weather" that caused a delay and they would be there by 8 PM. Really Brandon? We are here, there is no weather, it is 68 and sunny. Brandon personally guaranteed they would deliver, but they failed to do so. I need to head back to Jacksonville int eh morning (and I told Brandon this) and could not wait for delivery the next day. He assured me it would be here tonight, and that ended up being a lie. I will now be heading down to the store and request a full refund for our appliance purchase, but I'm sure "Brandon" will have another story for me as to why it was not delivered today. HOME DEPOT HERE WE COME! Do not trust Brandon or Lowes in Panama City Beach, FL.

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