Bought Golf 7 GTI 2014 model that i bought from EAE motor vereeniging on the 17/11/16, I took the car without test driving the article. I was happy with the condition of the vehicle, on my 1st long journey the vehicle started giving problems in terms of warning indicator lights for both minor and major components ( engine fault, defect on the window, spray washed headlamps not closing, front wheel very bad and the car was spray on the bumper)and kilometre were suspected that were reversed, I reported this complaint to EAE motors they treated me very badly. A cancellation fee of 30% was offered but I didn't accept. I took the car for diagnosed at VW lindsay ker Vereeniging and it came out the diagnose receipt states clearly the defect on the car and I'm not the one who damage the car. I stop VW lindsay saker vereeniging not fixing the car because I don't trust the car anymore. the issue still unresolved. please becarefully of this garage. never be a victim

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