Upon my travel from Denver to Frankfurt-Munich-Ankara with Lufthansa Airlines, in Denver International Airport, I was requested visa by an "Lufthansa Check-in Officer" who did not want to share his name, and I was not accepted to LH447 Denver-Frankfurt; at 17:25 on 24/09/2015, I was informed that I should have had visa since I was going to fly to Frankfurt and Munich from Denver. Upon my contact with our Consulate in Los Angeles, they contacted with our Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ankara, and Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Los Angeles. Both of them confirmed that Special (Official) passport holders are exempt from a visa for 90 days in 180 day period.

Since I was not able to board the plane, I missed the flights and I had to stay in a hotel overnight. Moreover, I was offended as a Turkish Citizen among other passengers. Lufthansa should have covered my financial and emotional damage. But they didn't!!! Everybody must think twice when they plan to fly with Lufthansa…

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