Lumber Liquidators bamboo flooring is very very subpar. We were sold bamboo flooring as a hardwood and has become horribly scratched in a matter of weeks. Lumber Liquidators has done nothing to rectify the situation. They asked us to send in a box for a sample test at a lab, we have done this and we have never heard back from them. We were told we would receive a full refund for that box sent into the lab. Once again nothing has been done. We have never received a refund. I have called repeatedly left my information number that was given to me as a warranty claim number and still nothing has been done to resolve our issue.

Please do not make the same mistake. I would not recommend anyone buy from Lumber Liquidators. It has cost us $10,000 and a lot of heartache. Every associate we have talk to except for one has pass the buck on to someone else. Our experience has been horrible. Please do not make the same mistake. They do not stand by their products workmanship.

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