I went to the Ft. Myer's location on Fowler for an estimate after seeing on the internet there was a $299 paint special. Since my car is 15 yrs old I wasn't looking for a showroom paint job. The car had no dents and only a few spots where the paint was fading due to FL sun. I was told they were a franchise and did not honor the corporate specials on the internet. When I asked why the web page pointed me to their location and that price, his response was 'I don't know and we don't honor any specials on the Maaco web page.' Even though he was annoying rude, I asked what the price was for a complete paint job, the least expensive possible as the market value of a 15 year old car is modest. His verbal quote was $900, he wouldn't give me a written estimate, and seemed to care less if I decided to let them paint the car or not.

I informed him that I would call corporate for clarification and he said 'sure, go ahead.' If I had read the reviews on this post, I never would have wasted my time in this endeavor. To further punish myself, I called corporate and those calls have not been returned. There may be good Maaco shops out there, but if you find one you are singularly lucky. Avoid these guys and go another route as customer service seems to be a foreign tongue.

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