The return and refund system is really crap! I haven't received my refund, more than $350, for two months.
I shipped back an order that I purchased online, but they issued gift cards instead of the money being credited to my original payment, my credit card. On the second day, Sep 8th, Macy's received my return item, I called to have the money back to my credit card, since I moved and couldn't receive the Gift Card. The rep told me that it will take 7-10 business days to have the money back. So I wait 2 weeks. However, the money had not refunded by then. Then I called again and asked to speak with a supervisor, but refused by a REP. She said she will make sure it will be refunded in 10 business days, because she processed the issue again. But another 2 weeks passed, my money is still nowhere.
I also checked my old address, no gift card from Macy's has been mailed to me. I got really disappointed at that time! So I called again and again, got the same answers. Finally, I spoke with a supervisor on Oct. 23. She ensured it will be processed, and I will have my money back by Nov. 6, which is today. She also ensured that she will follow up on me, or I can call back to her by then. But I just cannot reach her minutes ago, when I called Macy's. I was told to wait another 1 week. Hope I could receive my money back within next week.
I really can not recall how many times I called them, but I'm sure it is more than 5 times!
Never return items to Macy's by shipping!!! It is really terrible!!!

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