We went to the Cradlestone vodacom shop by the pick n pay when I enquired about a phone that costs R500 the person helping us Madeline Alexander was the worst sales person that I have ever come across. she was aggressive said what phone I said the special she then said we have lots. I said to her that she is he salesperson she should tell me at this point she then started to shout at me. then put her hand in my face and and told me to get out of her shop I said do you own it she said she was the manager the customer next to me said that a man had also walked out because of her attitude she then said that she does not know what's happening in my life but I need to get out of her shop. I deal with vodacom in my co many and I will tell you now that I will make sure that vodacom is know for the service I recived I hope someone comes back to me to let me know what is going to happen to her. if thatsbyour frontline I hate to think how many clients you have lost

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