WARNING: Don't purchase a Magellan GPS system. I have spent over 30 days trying to get my system to update the maps and software. Paid $54.61 for the Map upgrade v58. Have spent over 6 hours via chat and computer time trying to get the software to work. Downloaded the software twice. Tonight I spent 2 hours in my car, with the motor running (because the GPS unit has never been able to hold a charge for more than about a minute) and wifi from the house hooked up to try one last way to update everything. After all of that and the last 5 minutes left on the clock, I got a message that there was a tray. Exe file (something similar to that) that stopped working and they would let me know if they ever had a fix for it. Magellan will NOT refund my map upgrade purchase price. Don't buy a Magellan GPS. This was not my first Magellan but it certainly will be my last purchase from them.

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