Dear Sir,

My wife and I flew MH 004 from KUL – LHR in 20.11.15. We checked in our luggage at the KL Sentral KLIA express baggage drop off counter as early as 7.30am and proceeded to take the train to KLIA before boarding our flight to London at 10.10am. We arrived at Heathrow, London at 4.20am to find that ALL 3 of our luggages did not arrive with us but was rather scheduled to arrive the following day as the luggage arrived from KL Sentral to KLIA 28 minutes after the flight had taken off.

This is unacceptable!

I am a Type II Insulin Dependent diabetic. I carried with me enough medications to last the flight and the first night of our stay. Imagine the horror you have out me through on realizing that my luggage with medications on board have been delayed because your team was simply tardy. I work as a doctor myself and know the implications of missed insulin doses. This carelessness results in more than mere esthetic inconvenience. It is potentially life threatening:

My wife and I have both our winter jackets in our check in luggage as they were not needed in Malaysia or during the flight. We were forced to stand in the cold on the streets of London, with no available outerwear while attempting to hail a cab to get us to a store where we could purchase winter coats for ourselves. What a waste of time and money. As a result of such exposure to cold temperatures, my wife is down with the flu which has further spoilt what was meant to be a lovely anniversary celebration.

We chose Malaysian Airlines because of it's rumored hospitality and efficiency. How very wrong you have proven us to be.

Both my wife and I are on this trip to celebrate our 3rd year wedding anniversary and this ordeal has certainly out us through a lot of unpleasantness. This is not how we envisioned our celebrations.

Your negligence and cavalier disregard for the basic necessities of your customers leaves us, along with many others plagued by this mishap, utterly disappointed.

Our return flight is on December 5,2015. I do hope that you are able to make up for what you have put us through this far so as to restore some integrity in the manner you relate to customers.

Thank you

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