I ordered a Marantz SR7011 receiver on January 3, 2017, which cost nearly $2000, and when I received it I found that it did not work properly. I called Marantz customer support and spoke to a very rude support agent named Shakima (not sure how to spell her name). During the call she was not only rushing me to try to get me off the phone but she said the only thing she could do is send me an email with information about a service center where I could ship the unit I just purchased to have it repaired. I told her I should not have to pay to ship the receiver off for repair and then be without anything until they fixed it and returned it to me. I asked what if I want to return the receiver because it didn't work when I bought it and she replied by saying "why are you trying to argue with me"? I said I was not arguing I was just asking how to go about returning it if I didn't want to ship it to a repair center. She repeated that she will email me the information without answering my question. Then I said I want to speak to someone else that can help me and asked her to transfer me to a manager. She asked me why I wanted to speak to a manager and I said because she was not helping me and the unit was defective when I received it. She then said "I did help you" and I told her again that I want to talk to a manager because when I spend a lot of money on a product I expect the company to stand behind their product and fix the problem rather than trying to get me off the phone. Then she said she would transfer me to a manager and she hung up on me. After waiting on hold for 20 minutes to speak to representative in the first place and then being treated with disrespect by a rude "customer support" agent that was just trying to rush me off the phone without helping solve my problem, and then being hung up on when I asked for someone else to help me, I am totally disgusted by the horrible service I got from Marantz. For years I incorrectly thought Marantz was a great company that made a quality product and I referred many people to them. Now when I spend my hard earned money on an expensive product and there is a problem I see what kind of company they really are. They don't stand behind their product or service and once they have your money you are on your own even if the product does not work.

Stay away from this company. At one time in the past they had good products and customer service but unfortunately this is no longer the case. Marantz has some of the worst customer service I have ever seen and if you spend a lot of money and receive a defective product don't expect to get any help from Marantz.

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