If you are looking for a new home or just land in Ko Samui, Surat Thani, Thailand aerea you should have this warning in mind before sign any purchase contract. Martin Vachl and his wife Lynn Vachl are running about 5 websites where they offer land, houses, bungalows, flats, condos and apartments for sale. Their concept is to defraud people with little or no knowledge about this local market to pay 30 to 50 % more than the market value. In the western world this is called usury price / over pricing. In the western world there are laws to stop this kind of cons. In most of the Asian countrys you have to be aware of the problem and take action to avoid getting defrauded.

Our land was ment to be sold for 1.1 million THB. Mr. Martin Vachl and his wife Lynn Vachl added another 400.000 in commission. We have also heard about cases that their commision has doubled the land price. If you are smart you should follow my advice and stay away from this greedy swindlers.

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