This is a ridiculous nightmare. I have been trying to get on my Mary Kay in Touch
site all day. I had to wait until I got home from work to try again. The customer rep. Gave me a new e-mail so I could re-set my password and it came up as a non-working web page!!! All my Director says to goto MK in touch, but I can never get on. My number and password populate to the way I set it and it never works. This is supposed to be a professional organization??? When I called back at 5 to reach the center the recording said call back at regular hours but your web site says it is open until 5:30. I was supposed to get to a customer tonight with an answer but it looks like I cannot do it. What inefficiency! I'm shocked. I am new and just wondering if i should continue, but maybe this is a sign that it is a no-go. I had to get back to someone abou the MK Repair kit. Well that' gone now.

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