I became a member of the Edina, MN Massage Envy about 2 years ago and was okay with the service, enough to keep my membership. However, I was planning a move to Washington DC for one year and asked about whether to cancel or suspend my membership until I came back. I talked to three employees over the month before I moved away and they all said that I should suspend because I would be coming back but that I could only suspend for six months at a time and then I would have to call and reactivate that suspension, so that is what I did.

It has now been six months and I called to reactivate the suspension and I have been told that I cannot do that. So I asked to cancel and apparently I can only do that in person or I need to fill out a form, sign it, and send it back with proof of my new address. I will also lose the 2 massages that I have already paid for (total $120). There are Massage Envy's in Arlington, VA that I could use but to use my paid for massages I need to transfer my membership. Which means I have to fill out a form, sign it, and send it back to Edina, MN with proof of my new address, plus pay $10 at the new place to complete the transfer. When I called the Massage Envy in Arlington they said I just needed to call the one in Edina and let them know I wanted to transfer so Arlington could call Edina and get my information.

Are you confused yet? I am too. Right now I am going to try and just cancel and think of the $120 as a cancellation fee. However, I am very worried they are going to charge me for November before I can get them all the information they need. Having said all this I have yet to receive an email with the forms to fill out for cancellation or to transfer my account. I talked to the Edina, MN branch on Tuesday, November 3, Wednesday, November 4 and again today, Sunday November 8,2015 (about an hour ago) to see if I could get that information. I have yet to receive it. Each time they said they need to speak to the director and would call me back that day. I have yet to receive a call back as well. My recommendation is to stay far, far away from Massage Envy.

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