I was referred by a member paying $49 a month. When I joined I was verbally told that the price increased by $10 and it is now $59. I hastily signed my membership form and noticed the price was $69.99 plus tax. When I inquired, I was told that was an error and I would only be charged $59. I had no reason not to believe that because your website states $59 for membership as well.

In addition, when I made my two payments, I was asked if I wanted to include the tip on my card I said "yes" $10 each time and the total was $74 which made sense. However, the month that I did not get a massage $74.89 was still charged to my account and I asked why was the tip included? I was then told, that was my "regular membership price without the tip". Needless to say I was perturbed. Then I noticed on June 1,2015 there were two payments $74.19 and $74.89 the same day which I did not authorize a double charge. Finally, I had a bruise on my leg during one of my sessions which I did photograph.

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