I was refused a massage today in the Morgantown Wv massage envy on the grounds that I have had skin cancer. HAD, as in the past. My husband and I went for a couples massage, filled out paper work, moved to the second wait area. I was shocked when the employee came and and told me the MT was uncomfortable massaging me due his being emotional over a cancer patient in his family. No other MT was available and neither was the manager. I called twice attempting to talk to the mgr to express my Feeling of how unprofessional that was. I was told by an employee, still no manager, their company policy was they didn't treat cancer patients if they had any treatment with in the last twelve months in addition to the employees refusal Because he was emotional. I have to stress my skin is fine, no wounds or anything but scars on the chest area. I'm pretty sure that's discrimination which is ILLEGAL.

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