Dear Readers,

Mass media/ Thagavalfree is a 100% FRAUD/CHEATING company. Their MD Mr. Arunachalam or whatever the name of that dog is, is a No.1 fraud. Mr. Murugan is his assistant cheat. You cannot make money with their scheme by doing data entry. He will tell you to refer people and make money through pyramid scheme. It is alright if the company is good but how can we refer people to join a fraud company?

They will tell you that there is no joining fee etc but after that they will say you have to pay 7, 500 min etc for server space, etc. This is what all their members do. ALL THE POSITIVE FEEDBACK ABOUT THEM ON THE INTERNET IS WRITTEN BY THEIR OWN PAID EMPLOYEES.

They are very nice and sweet till you pay the money after that they become animals. Please do not fall for their trap. File a complaint with the police and make them pay for the cheating. Take them to court.They should not be allowed to cheat and rob.

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