As most mentioned, they will automatically bill you even if you select to not auto-renew in your account. I called to get a refund when I saw the charge on my card. I told them that I know for a fact I updated my account to not renew automatically several months ago. Rep looked at my account and said, August 6 you updated to not renew then put me on hold for a while. I figured he saw the glitch in their system and was going to fix it. He came back and said he hid my profile and canceled my subscription.

I asked about refund and he said no, he wasn't refunding me. I asked to speak to a supervisor. She told me the same. Said because I didn't "cancel" my subscription, they billed me. I asked what the purpose of putting the option to not automatically renew was on there if they were going to bill me anyway. She wouldn't answer that question, just said I need to cancel. I had no activity on my account for months so why would I renew, again, no answer to that. I agree with others, they are very manipulative.

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