I cancelled my account before the end date. Match charges my account anyhow. When I contacted them to refund my money, they said I didn't fully cancel. I have pictures of my cancellation… Every step… They still would not refund. Then, after I told them I had pictures of my cancellation (been through this too many times and learned to document everything) they came up with a different b. S. Reason to not refund… They claimed I cancelled everything but my account. Well, if they are making it that difficult to cancel, they are a predatory company preying on people in any way they can.

NEVER use Match… It's not worth it… Stay single before using match!!! Spoke to "supervisor" David employee #, who said I wasn't allowed to contact anyone above him. I was considering going back to them in a few months, now I will spend my time and energy calling anyone I can to try my best to not let this happen to others.

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