I cancelled my subscription on October 23 via email and was informed to also go through the 'Manage My Subscription!' Section of the site, which I also did. Last night I tried to log in to my account to confirm the cancellation had taken place and the site wouldn't even accept my log in details! And yet today they debited my PayPal account! I tried to email them but the verification code wouldn't work no matter what I did, so the email wouldn't send. I called and after being on hold for almost ten minutes they answered. When I said why I was calling, suddenly I was disconnected. I called again, another 10 minutes on hold, I was told that yes, I did cancel, but a week later I must have clicked on "the automatic renewal" pop up box. A lie. They then refused to refund the money they stole from me. They are both liars and thieves.

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