is an awful company. I haven't used their service in over six months (I didn't even know my screen name) and they charged me another $150 for an additional six months of that I'm not going to use. I haven't logged into the website in over six months and stated to the rep that I cancelled the auto renew. I called their customer service and they have a no refund policy. They don't even care to listen to their customers, they say that they will not refund the money. After arguing for over a half an hour, they mentioned that they would only give me a prorated refund back which is ridiculous. They mentioned that a supervisor was going to call me back and guess what, no supervisor called me back. I'm surprised this place is still in business if this is how they treat their customers. Very upset. I plan on contacting my bank to dispute the charge and BBB to make sure that they are aware of how shady this company is.

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