Be careful with this low life SCUM, Matthew Smith who works for BNP Paribas in London. Matthew Smith is a compulsive liar, cheater who visits prostitutes, spreads STDs and steals your money!
Matthew Smith is from Herne bay but now lives in a disgusting flatshare in Clapham.
This loser is a creep that regularly visits shemale prostitutes and intentionaly gives disgusting STDs!
I was with Matthew Smith during 4 years and found out he cheated me with Asian ladyboys and prostitutes.
He was on every dating apps and sites, meeting up trannies behind my back, pretending he was single and offers them money in echange of sex.
But he is so stupid that he catch himself as he added on facebook the trannies he cheated with. I figured out his double games because I knew his friends: they re all fat white English slobs so I knew the Asian ladyboys were not his friends, and it was confirmed by a Thai ladyboy I contacted who told me he met Matthew Smith on plentyoffish for some gay sex!
Some of their names? Pandora Amp, Faith Dablo, Chongri Mun, Maki Takeuchi, Aommie Chonticha, Jaylynn Cali, Carolina Salas, Emily Lie, Karen Lam, Angie Legaspi, Nan Pawanda, Jiraporn Sangdet, Ana Rose Balaga, Ana Teano, Queensha Luphh, Lisa Khamprapai, bar prostitute Etha Bastari..and many more. They will confirm this!
He also saved in his contacts the mail adresses and phone numbers of brothels in Chinatown, which indicates that he regularly pay prostitutes for sex!
Matthew Smith got STDs from the ladyboys and prostitutes he sleeps with.
He pretends to be a loyal man when in reality he is a cheater and sex addict, he intentionaly gives AIDS and other shit STDs!!
Be careful, he is a disgusting dog!
He is prowling online because he cant score in real life! He uses many aliases "smithmatt007, Matthew Smith BNP Paribas, Matthew John Smith LTD, matthewsmithbnpparibas etc.."
He is an annoying jerk, and harassed me for months when I dumped his ugly cheating ass!
Matthew Smith stole me money while we were in Spain. I realized, but too late, that Matt Smith stole me 400 euros! Probably to pay prostitutes or buy drugs!
Matthew is a complete loser and failure, at nearly 40 years old, he has a shit job, no car, lives in a disgutsing flatshare like a miserable rat, and pays prostitutes for sex!
He is an inbred with no chin and looks like a pelican. He has chicken legs and zero muscles. He has yellow horseteeths that he never brushes

So if you are looking for a smelly, dirty, lying, cheating SCUMBAG attracted in little children and ladyboys, that will manipulate you, cheats on you, steal your money, and gives you aids and syphyllis, then Matthew Smith is for you!
You are warned now about this mentally sick, disgusting, liar, pervert. If I can advise you something, other than to avoid this son of a whore, that is to lock your small children and your dog too!

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