MAVIS ON HEMPSTEAD TURNPIKE in BETHPAGE, NY is the reason my son's engine seized. My son took his 2012 Mazda in to get a simple oil change and they screwed up. Someone didn't screw something on right and the same day all my son's oil leaked out of his car. We immediately took it back and they fixed and filled the oil tank back up. The manager apologized, said it was entirely their fault and if we had any problems at all they would accommodate us. He explained he has insurance for these kinds of mistakes and if anything were to happen to the engine they would take care of it.

Well about a month later my son's engine started knocking. We immediately brought into the shop and it needs a new engine because of Mavis' mistake. We called Mavis and the manager was rude and said there is nothing he will do and to call the warranty. The warranty will not cover and we are now responsible for a new $8000 engine. Mavis pretty much hung up on us when we contacted them back and said "Too bad".

I now have to start a big process filing claims with DMV to make them pay for their mistake. Not to mention my son has been out of a car now for 2 months while it sits at the shop, while we continue to make loan payments to the bank and he had to drop out of college classes because of transportation problems. I am so upset with Mavis and how they destroyed my son's car with a simple oil change and their response to the situation. I will make sure Mavis is responsible for what they did no matter the inconvenience it may bring me. Please stay far away from this place they are unqualified!!!

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