Bought Maytag Neptune Washer/Dryer set and had trouble with the washer from the beginning. It seemed gentle, but ATE my finer clothing, even on the gentle cycle. But the biggest issue was with the Dryer. I had it a little over 6 months & when I turned it on it made a noise, like an earthquake or the rapture was upon us. Got nowhere with the rep & warranty info, & based on the other reviews on here & the fact I really needed my dryer I called a serviceman from my area & thought I'd just bite the bullet since it's a set and hopefully this was just a fluke. After two house calls, I ended up paying over $500 for a new "drum, " & was furious. I've had the cheapest, crappiest washer/dryers from when I was a poor college student that held up YEARS better than this!!! Didn't have the money or means to buy and transport a new or new (er) set & get rid of this JUNK in my laundry room, so, I just hoped I could buy some time. Hmmmph.

You know, it's almost as if Maytag actually WORKED to make these foul up! And they care NOTHING about customer service or fixing THEIR MESS either. My washer eats many of my items, but the WORST is the Dryer. It comes on when it feels like it, and when it doesn't – well, it will take a break and determine on its own accord whenever siesta time is over — could be a day, but has been up to three or four days before it suddenly "starts working again." This was the worst purchase I've made in a while. Guess when the next time I purchase anything labelled "Maytag" will be. Yep the rapture will be sooner.

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