I would like others to know that Maytag does not stand behind this product at all. I am not sure about other products, but after talking to Maytag's customer service team I would guess you would get the same runaround with other products. We have had our washers for about eight years now and have had many things go wrong with it. The one that gets me the most is the one that my appliance repair service does not cover and that is the main bearing. I have done some research to why this is and most of them do not cover this, because they should last for the life of the washer. Most washers last for more than ten years.

However this washer has only lasted a few years on each bearing. I have now put in my third bearing into this washer. The last bearing only lasted two years. If I had to pay for labor on replacing this part I would have not replaced it. I had been given a quote for replacing it and it was over $350. Some places wanted more than $400 to do it. To me the washer is not worth this. Yes we paid like $900 for the washer, but it is not worth putting that much money into this washer. If you cannot replace this part on your own then just walk away from it. Buy a Speed Queen.

I know Maytag has sent parts to other people free of charge, but I have not been so lucky. When you send others part to fix the same problem, to me that is admitting that there is a flaw in this washer. With that said my wife and I already filed a BBB complaint against Maytag and will be sending a letter to the Minnesota Attorney General. I have proof they have sent replacement parts to others and don't see why they cannot do the same for me.

Maytag is own by Whirlpool, you think it would be cheaper and easier to make customers happy than just brushing them off. I would say that customer service in many of these large companies and even small companies is gone. I remember when you would call a company and make a complaint and they would go out of their way to try to make you happy. Now they come up with reasons why it is all the customers' fault that their products are bad. Maytag is just another example of a greedy business that does not care about their customers. So please do your research before you buy this product and good luck to those who have that are stuck with the junk that Maytag sells customers.

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