Maytag Bravos XL washer – First of all, I never ever write reviews so for me to do this means I have very strong feelings about this product. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT buy this washer. Since day one (Aug 2013) it does not get my clothes clean and leaves spots on my clothes. My whites have dark, oily-type grey spots that weren't there before washing and nothing, I mean nothing, gets the spots out. I have at least 10 of my son's uniformed shirts ruined. It doesn't use enough water and doesn't agitate enough. After a year I had a technician come out to tell me that nothing was wrong and the washer looks great. I am about to spend another $100 to have a technician come out because I am at my wit's end with this machine. Worst purchase ever! And will never buy a Maytag again. I am mid thirty so I have plenty of appliance buying years left.

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