My washing machine was noisy from the start. We had recently purchased a new fridge and were told when we questioned its noise 'that's just the way they are'. So we didn't question the noisy washer as we should have. The noise got louder as time went on and at the 18 month mark, it was so bad, we had someone look at it. The washer had never cleaned as well as expected, but again, we were too busy to follow up. The repairman advised that the bearing and tub needed to be replaced! Augh! $450 for parts $300 for labour!

I contacted Maytag/Whirlpool and was advised they would go good for the parts, I would have to pay labour. Not being terribly impressed, did a bit of research and was told it was worth fixing. As it was technically out of warranty, I was lucky to have them pay for parts. Took 6 weeks to get that time, had questions about delay, etc… At one point was yelled at on the phone by Melissa from Whirlpool as I asked to speak to a supervisor. So fun: (First part comes and it is defective, luckily there was another one in Vancouver, so only an additional 4 day wait.

My machine is now fixed. It is extremely quiet and cleans very well. Suffice to say, it was defective from the start. So, I've gotten to pay an extra $300 over retail to have a working machine! Lucky me! Repairman also advised that he recommends everyone to purchase the additional 5 year warranty as the manufacturers are now only making machines with a 7 year life expectancy and I was VERY lucky in the beginning to get someone to even talk to me after the 1 year mark.

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