Purchased a Maytag side by side in June 2014 to replace a 20 year old Kenmore. After 14 months the fridge stopped keeping things cold in the food compartment and in the freezer. And, the water and ice dispensers stopped working. Called Maytag and they confirmed the fridge was 2 months past the warranty and the best they could do was offer an extended one-year warranty for $325 and set up an appointment. I declined and called a local repair company. They responded promptly and discovered the problem was a bad board.

Had to replace the board at a cost of $475 (parts and labor). It was $150 more than the extended warranty but I was already in the hole for $100 service call and I was able to get the fridge repaired on the spot. I had the Kenmore for 20 years without one repair. Maytag was good for one year and 2 months. Don't know how this company will last with a $2000 product that lasts a year. I can not recommend this product and advise anyone in the market for any appliance to avoid Maytag products.

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