We purchased the Maytag Bravos XL MCT washer and dryer in July of 2013 and have been completely and totally dissatisfied with every use since. We immediately contacted the store where we purchased them and were told we had to contact Maytag. We contacted Maytag on numerous occasions only to be read ridiculous solutions from a notebook that were no different than the instructions in the user's manual and never worked. We had our first set of washer (with agitator) and dryer for 23 wonderful years.

The washer absolutely does not work. The decision to remove the agitator and reduce the water levels is absurd. The soap does not get distributed, the lack of water causes loads of clothes or sheets to get rolled up into tight balls with no hope of being cleaned, and the spin cycle is so powerful it rips your clothes apart unnecessarily. The dryer is smaller than the washer and cannot handle the same size load the washer can put out and typically requires more than one cycle to complete a drying.

All in all this has been the most painful experience we have ever had with any appliance. We are completely dissatisfied with both the store where we purchased these units and the complete and total lack of response from Maytag after requesting either of them to take back these units or make some equitable adjustment so we could purchase different units. We have reached a point where we will most likely store these Maytag units in the garage and purchase a new washer and dryer, being forced to accept the financial loss.

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